What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.


What it would look like if the Orion Nebula was a distance of 4 light years away.

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I basically only like Andrew Lloyd Webber songs when Bernadette Peters or Betty Buckley or Patti LuPone sing them



"Oh Alexa, can you be a tenor one on this part? It’s not too low."

*stares longingly at the sopranos, who get to sing with…you know, other girls.*

yeah see I would actually sing the tenor part hoping my choir director wouldn’t notice because he was always trying to get me to work on my upper register and I was not about that, but then sometimes he would let me sing it if they needed support, to make me happy

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I don’t know what’s going on… can’t work it out at all…

apparently there are suddenly a bunch of flies in our house for some reason but I’m moving out tomorrow so ha jokes on them

And I say that as an African-American actress who would like to play a variety of roles. I don’t want to be stuck only playing roles that are written for African American performers. I want to play Evita. I want to grow and change, and so obviously I am slightly self interested in the continuing of having non-traditional castings happen all over the world in theatre. I think that we’re on our way.
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I would sit through Mamma Mia a hundred times in a row if it meant I would have access to a list of Stephen Sondheim’s 50 favorite musicals of the past 20 years

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Played 151 times


The Beatles - “Yer Blues” - The Beatles

“‘George had this idea that he wanted to do [the lead vocal for ‘Not Guilty’] in the control room with the speakers blasting, so that he got more of an on-stage feel,’ recalls Ken Scott. ‘So we had to monitor through the headphones, setting the monitor speakers at a level where he felt comfortable and it wouldn’t completely blast his vocal. I remember that John Lennon came in at one point and I turned to him and said “Bloody hell, the way you lot are carrying on you’ll be wanting ro record everything in the room next door!” The room next door was tiny, where the four-track tape machines were once kept, and it had no proper studio walls or acoustic set-up of any kind. Lennon replied “That’s a great idea, let’s try it on the next number!” The next number was ‘Yer Blues’ [recording commenced 13 August] and we literally had to set it all up - them and the instruments - in this minute room. That’s how they recorded ‘Yer Blues’, and it worked out great!’” - The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

* * *

George Harrison: “…there is a blues track on it [the White Album], actually.”

Q: “Oh really?”
GH: “Called ‘Yer Blues.’ And which is quite bluesy, I don’t know how the purist blues people are going to take it but, you know, it’s still as valid as any blues.”

[…] GH: “T-Bone Lennon and B. B. Harrison.” - KPPC-FM interview, broadcast 4 November 1968

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