I’m baaaack

Thank god for air conditioned subway cars, I am so glad that’s a thing

I forgot how absolutely disgusting the subway is in the summer. I feel like I’m stuck in a sauna, I’m suffocating and sweating like a pig after 3 minutes. I just wanna get on the train D:

I remember a few years ago when I first watched QI being immediately enamored of David Mitchell and being disappointed when he wasn’t in an episode for a while. Also the ladies of course Jo Brand and Sue Perkins own my heart.

Should I watch Would I Lie to You?, 8 out of 10 Cats, or Was It Something I Said?

Off to New York, and our car is impossibly full of my stuff, which is frustrating because as I was packing I was trying to bring the bare minimum (with the exception of my entire record collection which admittedly does take up a bit of space)

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everyone stop fucking dying.

my heart can’t take this.

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